Testimonials & Past Sessions

"The classes are interesting and challenging. The teachers are also very attentive. The amount of content is just right for me to digest in the class." - Web Design, Java, and Python student

Web Design

(previously called HTML / CSS)

Pictured above, Zoe explains HTML's <title> tag, which allows us to display text on the tabs of web browsers, and then demonstrates how to use it.

"Everything was explained in a very good way, so I understood everything." - Web Design and Java student


Pictured above, James asks students if there's any questions at the end of a class.

"I liked the way the teachers taught the students in a gentle way and would always be happy for questions." - Java student

"I liked how they provided us with lots of resources and reviews to help aid us with the homework and understanding the material." - Java and Python student

"I liked the teachers and the fun activities." - Java student


"The projects and classes were fun." - Python student

"It taught me a lot and it gave me more knowledge. I like how you guys didn't put too much information in one topic so it didn't overload us." - Python student

"I liked the teachers and the fun activities." - Python student

"I actually learned quite a lot!" - Python and Web Design student